Sunday, 31 May 2009

Looking for bargains at a bootfair aint always easy!!!!

Lets start with a layout that i made last night-in between watching britians got talent- i have had this idea in my head for awhile and really enjoyed making up the layout. I have been more adventurous these days and have actually been scrapping myself. I have also had the idea to do a album based on this patteren paper with lists of tens, ten books i have read, ten films i love,ten people that have inspired me, you get the idea right? I am thinking whether to do it 12 x 12 or smaller, only ideas at the mo, also what to call it?? Ten things!! Things always come in tens!! Top ten!! I will have to think more but i have written down my ideas in my journal, which i have made myself do lately as i forget ideas so quickly.
Well today i was up and in the shower at 7.00 am, madness i know but i can't lay in bed once i have woken up- i get a headache if i do this- so up and at em!!
We were at the first bootfair by 9.ooam and it was really big and really busy, too busy. You could hardly walk down the aisles without either bumping into someone, or waiting to get past people, which may i add that quite a few people did not feel the need to do this, they just pushed past or jumped infront of you, to which i loudly say " excuse me works wonders you know"!!
It was so busy it put me off looking for any nice things to go in my craft room, i am on the look out for an object that i cannot remember the name of, i have seen it on lots of american blogs lately with people using them to display cards on them, they are small round metal, with spikes pointing upwards, its flat on the bottom. I am not sure what it is called but i wonder if anyone out there knows- any help please!!!
We left that bootfair with two strawberry plants, sorry forgot to take pic of them.
Well next we went to another smaller bootfair, the photo of my goodies is last,So i will show you these first, i saw this love heart bird and thought it would look cute in my craft room, £2.99

Next onto poundland for some cheap goodies, shaped post it notes and heart shaped blings, one pound each you can't go wrong. I thought the post its would look quite cute when doodled around the edge.

Now when i saw these felt stickers i nearly whoop whooped for joy right there in the shop, whilst regaining my self i quickly stashed 3 packets into my basket, mmmmmm look good with lots of ranges of pattern paper thats out at the moment.

Now this little lot cost me the almighty price of ......wait for it...............£1.40. Even i can't believe it, well i can really but you know what i mean!!!
The book is a Victoria Plum Annual which i bought to rip out the pictures to use on scrapbook pages....= 20p
The owl trivets set of four i got for ...50p, i have a fondness ( some may say obsession ) for owls, mostly cute ones and these will go superbly with my large one that is the same, see a full set now.
The two rolls of ribbon, one has birds on it, the other has leaves i got for .........30p.
The pink bowl which i thought looked cute i got for .....20p.
The butterfly small pictures, which i thought were old cards from cigarette boxes are actually transfers, no matter they are gonna look so gorge on cards and layouts, i love them, and i got these beauties, all 66 of them for...............20p.
Well i am so glad we went to the smaller bootfair too, i think i will make that one my first port of call next time. I have had a good day at the bootfairs. I don't go to them to hunt out anything i just love to see what people are getting rid of and if i see something i like i will pay what the people are asking for that item. I think it is a good way of recycling, emptying out your loft or garage and making a bit of money, and also for getting a few bargains.
Well i will be off to my craft room now to have a play with my new and old stash,


  1. Wow. You sure picked up some bargains.

  2. Great LO ... love the concept.
    I also love a great bargain hunter ... well done.

  3. Excellent shopping - well done! Although I'm rather distressed to see you are planning to rip up Victoria Plum - you can't do that to Victoria Plum! She's a real blast from the past for me...!

    The top ten lists sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea.

  4. Ohhhh Victoria Plum. I used to love her - had the doll and the bed set and everything. Great find! Well done you on some fabulous bargain spotting there.

  5. It's a florists tool to secure oasis in the bottom of a dish/jug/vase whatever...but don't actually know what they call it!
    Love the tens sounds like a great plan..