Sunday, 19 July 2009

long time no blog post...........

Well i have'nt blogged for what seems like an age. I have been in hospital, having my gall bladder removed, three weeks today. I did not have a very good time of it, to say the least and i won't go into detail, except to say that i was kept in hospital longer than expected and that i do not want to go into hospital again for quite some time.
I have had the last three weeks off work to recover and now i am off work for the summer holidays, so i shall be spending plenty of time in my craft room.
Last week i ventured out to Pickleberry Papercrafts and spent a very pleasurable hour and a half talking to Jane Dean and her friend Helen, so funny and nice to have a bit of a laugh. I am going to make some sock bunnies, see Janes blog to see what these are.

I have started to make some, wait for cards. YES christmas cards, only because if i dont start now i will never get them all made and end up not sending out handmade ones, which i try to do every year. I did manage it two years ago, so i think make an early start. We'll see!!!!
tfl kath x


  1. crikey hope you are ok, enjoy your summer

  2. Oh dear :( You have been through it. Hope you are on the road to feeling better now.

    Just found out about Pickleberry Papercrafts the other day - sounds great :)

  3. Glad you're back on the right road; hope your summer allows you to fully recover. Gall bladders..yuk. As for Christmas hmm, can't be too hard on you - me too!!

  4. Hope you feel loads better very soon. Stash shopping always helps, I find LOL!