Monday, 29 August 2011

the wizard of oz

This evening me and a friend went to our local amphitheatre to watch the wizard of oz. It was put on by a local company for free, called The Film Factory.They have put quite a few films on this summer, but this is the first one i have been able to go see. There was quite a good turn out too, everyone came ready for a film outdoors, blankets, cushions and snacks.
What a great way to spend the evening, better than sat indoors watching mindless tv.!!
More people gathering, getting there places.
This was at the start of the night, not yet dark enough to start the film, so we wait for dusk. Everyone was getting ready, settling down for a good old viewing The wizard of oz. A very enjoyable evening, will go again, the next film is going to be Jaws.

Saturday is my shopping day, so as i had to pick up some stamps that kate had ordered for me from pickleberry, link to the side,i felt like a little shop.Also i am starting university in september so this may well be my last spend up for a while!!! I am doing the foundation degree in childhood studies, so my dream of being a teacher is actually coming true, thats another blog post though.
Back to the stash shop, the stamps i had ordered were ones i have been after for a long time, a big thanks to kate for getting them for me xx

The Tim Holtz paperis one i have loved from afar for too long, and the single sheet i fell in love with too,by house of three.

Next up these word sheets, AUTHENTIQUE, are lush so had to have them.

Vintage lace in lush colours, so coming home with me.

Next up a sale basket, now these beauties are soooo lovely, should of got the other one too.!!! They are by K&COMPANY and love them x

Now then i nearly screamed with delight when i saw these in the sale basket too, oh how my jyc is gonna look so full of these this year. They are The girls paperie, last years but who cares, they are lush.Now my love of american crafts thickers is well known amongst my friends and family, this also includes other chipboard alphas that i love, so it was with no surprise that these next items came home with me, they are what is says on the packet......lush. I took home two packs of each as i couldnt resist a bargain, go on agree, you know you would have done the same xx

So so nice, i have stroked these today and have them on my desk to gaze at lovingly for a day or two, until they go into one of the drawers that is allocated for alphas. xxx

On sunday we went to the new The Range shop that has opened there, well the craft section is quite good, i got a few bargains, above is a 12 x 12 pack of white cardstock for £4.99, and the a4 packs are sticky foam pads for £1.00 a pack.

I also got another pack of the kraft 5 x 7 cards and envelopes, these are well worth getting, great cardstock, lovely size too.A pack of white cards and envelopes for £4.99, and the ranges own envelopes for £1.00 a pack.

Now this was an internet order from the fantastic A Trip Down Memory Lane, another of my loves is cosmo cricket, and their kits, i now dont usually buy single sheets of paper as i only buy packs, as i have found that you have everything you need to complete lo's and mini albums. After years of buying single sheets of paper, then not being able to find a few that match, this is what i now do.

Echo park is also quickly becoming a fave too, this is my fourth pack from them and it is fantastic, i love the colours and cannot wait to craft with this.

I also ordered some 6 x 12 photo page protectors, as inspired by shimelle's blog post about continuity, i got these to slip into my albums with the idea of continuing the continuity in the albums.

Well i had better go, i have a lot to do in my last few days off, before going back to work, have six weeks really gone this fast, oh well.


katharine x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Well this is the start of my 4 x 6 photo love album. I am following along with shimelle's online tutorial and have decided to make it into an album, they are all random photos, but follow the concept of each number of photos for that month of the year. Above is january, one photo, you get the idea right ?? I am now wondering if i should have chosen the background paper to be the same all the way through, to have continuity in the album, its something i can change on a later date if i want to.

This page is a combination of a few ideas, i saw sj's blog when she made this cake and i used the idea for my class to make it as an Easter cake, each pupil made a cake and chose the colour they wanted. I can honestly say they loved making it and i will be doing this again.The cake was so big we shared it among a couple of classes and the office staff, the secretary's were chuffed to get a slice.
Three photos, i have a slight obsession with this vampire, and the twilight books.
This page was great to make, i love interactive pages.
I havent done page with 5 photos yet, instead went onto six and seven !! Also changed it a bit to suit my landscape pics.
Seven photos was interesting and works really well.
Flap opens to the left to show pics and journalling,
and to the right to show 3 pics.
Now onto something else. i bought this in a second hand shop and have an ides to fill it with scraps of paper, small items of house love. I have painted it white to give a clean base coat.

I have also been making a few cards, i love these flowers ade with old book pages, just punch out scalloped circles, stack 5 or 6 together and secure with a brad. scrunch up each layer, fix a button in middle and voilĂ ... a flower.

Thanks for gettting this far, i wont leave it so long next time.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Long long time no blog !!!

Well i haven't blogged for well over a year and this is due to family issues that have taken me away from blogging and crafting.I won't go into details now but lets just say it was life changing , devastating and scary all at once. I am getting back into crafting now and am also trying to blog again, so with that in mind i thought i would start with my new craft room.Some of the family changes meant that i could knock down a partition wall we had put up and return the room to its original size, for a craft room for me. This was painfull and pleasureable at the same time, but i was excited to see it take shape.I didnt take photos along the way, shame but never mind.We painted the room, two walls blue and two white.Laminate flooring was layed, easier to clean i think.Then came the best part, shopping. I used Ikea room planner, it was great to see the furniture in your 3d room, i would advise to use this. Then actual shopping, we made a few trips to Ikea to get everything i wanted, and a few extras too !! This is a recent purchase, a 2 x 2 expedit unit on castors, i saw this in ikea and loved it, it's my new stand up unit to use my new vagabond.
This is a display shelf above the expedit.
This is my Jane Dean inspired memo frame, i have blogged about it before.
This vika Alex unit is on castors and at the end of my large long desk.
This vika Alex 9 drawer unit is at the end of a wall of units.
This vika Alex unit is at the end of my expedit desk which is attached to the 4 x 4 expedit unit.
This is the 4 x 4 expedit unit with desk attachment. I love this desk and it my sewing area.
This is a 2 x 4 expedit unit on its side which is my cutting table, holds all my cutting machines, dies,etc.
This is my desk, i saw this on the Ikea website and fell in love with this , it is a huge desk, with two vika alex 5 drawer units at each end.
These units are from the children's nursery range,i fell in love with them and got them.I love how my new craft room looks and really love being in there, creating again.
Some of the furniture i had already, a couple of the expedit units, and metal drawer units, the others are new.
Well i hope to try to blog at least twice a week, that's my new goal, so lets see hoe that goes.