Monday, 23 May 2011

Long long time no blog !!!

Well i haven't blogged for well over a year and this is due to family issues that have taken me away from blogging and crafting.I won't go into details now but lets just say it was life changing , devastating and scary all at once. I am getting back into crafting now and am also trying to blog again, so with that in mind i thought i would start with my new craft room.Some of the family changes meant that i could knock down a partition wall we had put up and return the room to its original size, for a craft room for me. This was painfull and pleasureable at the same time, but i was excited to see it take shape.I didnt take photos along the way, shame but never mind.We painted the room, two walls blue and two white.Laminate flooring was layed, easier to clean i think.Then came the best part, shopping. I used Ikea room planner, it was great to see the furniture in your 3d room, i would advise to use this. Then actual shopping, we made a few trips to Ikea to get everything i wanted, and a few extras too !! This is a recent purchase, a 2 x 2 expedit unit on castors, i saw this in ikea and loved it, it's my new stand up unit to use my new vagabond.
This is a display shelf above the expedit.
This is my Jane Dean inspired memo frame, i have blogged about it before.
This vika Alex unit is on castors and at the end of my large long desk.
This vika Alex 9 drawer unit is at the end of a wall of units.
This vika Alex unit is at the end of my expedit desk which is attached to the 4 x 4 expedit unit.
This is the 4 x 4 expedit unit with desk attachment. I love this desk and it my sewing area.
This is a 2 x 4 expedit unit on its side which is my cutting table, holds all my cutting machines, dies,etc.
This is my desk, i saw this on the Ikea website and fell in love with this , it is a huge desk, with two vika alex 5 drawer units at each end.
These units are from the children's nursery range,i fell in love with them and got them.I love how my new craft room looks and really love being in there, creating again.
Some of the furniture i had already, a couple of the expedit units, and metal drawer units, the others are new.
Well i hope to try to blog at least twice a week, that's my new goal, so lets see hoe that goes.