Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Well this is the start of my 4 x 6 photo love album. I am following along with shimelle's online tutorial and have decided to make it into an album, they are all random photos, but follow the concept of each number of photos for that month of the year. Above is january, one photo, you get the idea right ?? I am now wondering if i should have chosen the background paper to be the same all the way through, to have continuity in the album, its something i can change on a later date if i want to.

This page is a combination of a few ideas, i saw sj's blog when she made this cake and i used the idea for my class to make it as an Easter cake, each pupil made a cake and chose the colour they wanted. I can honestly say they loved making it and i will be doing this again.The cake was so big we shared it among a couple of classes and the office staff, the secretary's were chuffed to get a slice.
Three photos, i have a slight obsession with this vampire, and the twilight books.
This page was great to make, i love interactive pages.
I havent done page with 5 photos yet, instead went onto six and seven !! Also changed it a bit to suit my landscape pics.
Seven photos was interesting and works really well.
Flap opens to the left to show pics and journalling,
and to the right to show 3 pics.
Now onto something else. i bought this in a second hand shop and have an ides to fill it with scraps of paper, small items of house love. I have painted it white to give a clean base coat.

I have also been making a few cards, i love these flowers ade with old book pages, just punch out scalloped circles, stack 5 or 6 together and secure with a brad. scrunch up each layer, fix a button in middle and voilĂ ... a flower.

Thanks for gettting this far, i wont leave it so long next time.


  1. Gorgeous layouts! I Love that house too - you will have fun filling it up.

  2. Wow you have been busy and fantastic takes of Shimelle's 4x6 photo love :) love the Robert Patterson LO it's brilliant love all the detail :)