Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Well this is the first time i have taken part in this, and i,m a bit ashamed to say that this was my desk last night, and it is still like it now. Thats the pleasure of having a craft room, you can shut the door and leave things out to tidy up later. Which i do intend on doing, after i have made a few more of the card you see on the desk and below. I really like how it has turned out. It was inspired by one of my favourite designers, Dawn Mcvey, in Cards magazine.I changed it slightly, but i do have to say i am loving the kraft card stock cut into cards. I will be making a fair few with this card i can tell you.
This is the card i made last night. Kraft cardstock, white card, blue cardstock cut into thin strips then punched with the Fiskars Effervescent punch, a cirle punched from kraft card, and a swiss dotted piece of white card which i then cut out butterflys with my spellbinders die. I have to say that i like this card and am thinking about making a few sets of cards for friends for christmas, maybe the same cards with different sentiments on them. maybe??? And yes i know, talking about christmas again, but i have to start early as i work in a large school and have many friends who i like to send handmade cards to, and make presents for a few too, also it gets very busy at work with the pupils christmas makes, christmas fair,etc.

Taking a break from christmas gift planning i ventured into my garden with my small camera to see what i could find. Well i very nearly stepped on this beauty, picture a bit hazy sorry.
I have been looking around other blogs lately and have been inspired to start to use my sewing machine again. Now don't get excited i haven't actually used it yet, i just have lots of ideas and have seen lots of beautiful material, i would love to make a quilt to cozy up on the sofa with. So the search for lush material and easy pattern resumes, wish me luck!!!


  1. Amazing butterfly shot.I had a gigle over your sewing comment ...something I would
    As for your work area ...its almost tidy. Wait til you have done this a few weeks ...then we will see a true picture lol.

  2. Your card is beautiful - definitely gift material.

    If you fancy making a quilt, Toni on her blog did a week by week tutorial for beginners. This is the link to week one:

    It's a gorgeous blog anyway so worth a peep ;)

  3. Lovely card, your christmas ones are fab too - but way too early :-)
    Welcome to WOYWW!

  4. This card is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE it!

  5. Beautiful card - really lovely. I wish I could make cards like this, but for some reason I really struggle with cards!

    Oh, and stop talking about Christmas! It's far too early! Having said that though, I'll be panicking come December and wishing that I had started sooner!

  6. I love the card, so simple but so striking, the colours are lush...