Sunday, 2 August 2009

A jolly good read

These books were bought for me as a leaving present from the staff in my class as i will not be with them in september. They are similiar to Twilight as they are about vampires and Harry Potter as they go to a school specifically for vampires. It follows the story of Zoe Redbird who gets marked to become a vampire and follows her story of how she handles the changes to her life.
I wasnt hooked instantly i have to admit, but i'm not one to give up, so i stuck in there and carried on reading. Well all i can say is they are a very good read, i enjoyed them. I am waiting to order the last book in the series, as it's not realised till october.

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  1. Firstly Kit, I'm sorry I missed your WOYWW last week, how did I? Your desk looks tidy to your ink pad storage! These cards are a delight..easy to make christmassy themed etc..the kraft stock seems to have at last become trendy instead of home-made-y!