Sunday, 2 August 2009

The reason for a NON- holiday

Well this is my son kieran- sorry couldn't turn pic.
Last sunday he fell off a climbing frame and broke his wrist, we went to a and e and they x-rayed it then said it needed an operation to put a plate and screws in to hold it together, this photo shows kieran after having his arm manipulated back into place and put in a half cast. I admit to having to leave the room while they did this, kieran was on gas and air, and had had an injection to numb the wrist, also two nurses and a dr to do procedure, so i was getting in the way being a typical mother, worrying, scared and had signs of shock- shaking hands etc, one nurse kindly asked if i'd like to wait outside, i quickly agreed and left.
On my return kierans arm had been put in a half cast and we went off for another x-ray, they had managed to regain some of the length, his wrist bone had broken and slipped over onto his hand bones. The dr said that kieran still needed the operation , so we waited for a bed on a ward. We didnt have to wait too long, and i settled kieran in for the night and went home.
I wasnt allowed onto the ward to see kieran- who turned 17 in june- until 3pm, he had been put on an adults ward. So i phoned the ward throughout the day to check on his operation, he was due to have it done at 12.30, well they took him down to do op but his heart rate went very low, so dr not happy, he was returned to ward, to have tests done, he coped well with this, i was later told. He had a scan on his heart and dr was happy, he was taken down for op just as i arrived at hospital. He returned to ward asleep, nurse informed me that they did not do the operation as they had managed to manipulate his wrist into a good position and that it was quite stable-apparenty. So kieran stayed in that night and came home the following day. I had informed the hospital of our impending holiday-saturday 1st august, they put kieranon a fracture clinic for last friday.
Well we went to fracture clinic, x-rayed wrist and saw dr who promptly told us that his wrist bone has slipped back over his hand, and he was quite shocked at how much it has slipped, he said that after 8 to 10 days it usually slips a little but this was only four days later. So no leaving for Cornwall on saturday as we have to go back to fracture clinic on monday and have another x-ray to see if its slipped anymore, and for dr to make decision whether or not to do the operation that should have been done last week.
Now i am not cross at my son , it was an accident , i am not cross about not going on holiday, my sons health comes first everytime, what i do feel a little cross about is the fact that i feel the hospital should have done this operation at the time of the accident. My son is in full time work as a yardsman and fork lift driver so his hands are his career. I am hopefull that he will have the operation next week to repair his wrist and make a full recovery, but am sad that this week of him having his wrist in plaster could have been a week of him recovering from the operation on his wrist.
Sorry to rant about this, i haven't felt the need to rant on here before but this is quite a major thing in our house at the moment.
We are hopefull that we can go on our holiday for the last week, to cornwall with our trailer tent. The campsite have been very good and have kept our pitch open as we could be there by friday- its all paid for- for the last week.
Well if you got this far, well done and thankyou for reading


  1. Blimey! Poor you and poor Kieran. I can understand you being angry at the hospital when he was there and ready. Hope things start to look up soon and you get at least part of your holiday.

  2. This is the perfect place to rant ...I dont do it often but when I do I feel much better.
    Hope every thing goes well for your son and that you do get some time in cornwall/

  3. Crikey - poor thing! Bad news about the holiday, but you're right, it has to be the priority to get this sorted properly otherwise the effects could be felt for a long time to come. Hope he gets it sorted.

  4. Kit, no wonder you need to rant. You know, if it was your injusry, ranting would be the last thing on your mind, but the mother lion in you is justifiably rearing her head. I agree with you. I'm sorry about your holiday though. Hope Kiearan isn't in too much pain, it sounds utterly horrible. Report back won't you?

  5. My FIL works in Hospital as a plaster technician ...he dreads the school hols as its twice as busy as a normal busy week !
    its big wig pen pushers who muck up hospitals not the staff itself(usually) i feel for you but feel for hospital staff too x
    hope he recovers fast x

  6. Poor things, hope he gets his hand sorted and you get to go on the last bit of your hols.

  7. I hope your son is feeling better soon. I have a long standing injury from when I was a teenager in my right hand/wrist that still bothers me now so it's definately a priority to get him sorted!

    Have just seen the message on my blog that you left about the woodgrain vinyl, I got it from B&Q - it's called Fablon and is with the wallpaper in the store near me. I got the American Cherry woodgrain although there's a few different colours of woodgrain to choose from.

    Totally love your blog, have just spent ages reading back through your posts and have subscribed.