Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A crafty space ...........

This is my craft room, my humble place for me to get away and craft in.I love it, it may only be half a room- we put up a partition wall to make two smaller rooms, obviuosly my son got the bigger half ( gggrrrrr ) and i got the smaller half to have as my craft room. My son has Dyspraxia and was suffering quite badly with the large soace in his bedroom as he was getting older and his room becoming emptyier-so to speak-as he outgrew his toys. So we made the decision to make two rooms. Everyone happy. Well i thought i would post pictures of my room.The first pic is from the hallway looking into my room.
This pic shows the far end wall, the window is on this wall, half hidden by my expedit, but it is not pushed up against the window, so i do get some light.

This pic shows some new bargains i bought at the weekend, the ikea helman filing cabinet and on top of it is a large wooden plate stand i got from a shop called Merchant Chandler fot £2.00. The small cream coloured basket is an old milk bottle basket- i think- i got from a second hand shop for the amazing price of 50p. I am loving vintage at the mo and am on the hunt for more baskets etc like this, so can be seen lately rummaging through boxes at bootfairs............

This is the helman ikea filing cabinet, these cost £20 each all but a penny, and i love them. I now have three in my craft room. This is the latest addition and i have arranged my stash so that this is now my card making station, with each drawer filled with different supplies, - top drawer c6 envelopes, then dl envelopes,then cello bags for made cards to go in -i have loads of these, was given them by a neighbour who once made and sold cards but gave it up, i sell some cards so come in usefull, then card packs,then white a4 card,then boxes of card-coloured and white from the paper mill shop, love their colour ranges of card.

This shows the top two shelves in my room above my desk-which runs along the left wall,i have suitcases from a shop called b-wise on this shelf, these hold ink pads mainly, acrilic blocks, and after a clear out at the weekend a few are empty, awaiting new stash........

These shelves are below the ones in the pic above, these are my ribbon jars and button jars.I use so much more ribbon now i can see it, i changed to these way of storing them last year and i love seeing my stash.And it looks pretty too.

These shelves are also from ikea-last years bargain of one pound each- they hold small jars-ikea-of flowers, wooden stamps, 7-gypsies stamps. My pink barbie radio i bought from a bootfair for 50p and its the best radio i have had for a long time, its still got the same batteries in it when i bought it two years ago. Also a black owl pot stand- so cute- bootfair bargain again

This is on top of my expedit-4x4 cube- this is my display area, cake stand at far end with more wooden stamps, canvas i made, cake pot, white bird bowl- yep you guessed it -bootfair- and two 12 x 12 rub boxes, one holds all my scrap patterned paper-which i use to make cards with- and on e holds all my basic grey paper packs.

This is my 4 x 4 expedit filled with boxes of stash and mini albums etc.

This is my desk which runs along the left wall to a small cubby hole where i managed to fit a 2 x 4 expedit which holds basic supplies like glues, spare tapes for my atg gun. Another helman filing cabinet is under my desk- had to leave the wheels off to get it under there, this one is half full- more sorting needed.
Well i hope you have enjoyed seeing my craft room, i need to tidy up a bit more.

Oh one last thing, i bought a new cushion for my chair as i have been spending so much time in my room i felt i needed a bit of padding on my chair,so i saw this pretty anf thought "your coming home with me" its so comfy now.

this is above 2 x 4 expedit in cubby hole, idea books,etc, big shot.

acrilic paint storage- may be changed soon.

this is my patterned paper storage, 12 x 12 rub boxes filled with card and paper. Also 12 x 12 bags with paper and kits in next to boxes.
Well thankyou for reading this and getting to the end


  1. wow fabby craft room, looks amazing xx

  2. Wow, that looks great, love the shelves of suitcases.

  3. Wow what a fab craft room thank you for sharing I am so a green eyed monster you would not believe it.

  4. you've got some great storage there .. love it all ! :)

  5. Excellant craft room and so tidy! You have so much stash!