Monday, 4 May 2009

New magazine= new inspiration

This is one of the new magazines i bought this week, card trends and scrapbook trends. WOW is all i can say, such amazing talent showcased in these mags.i don't usually buy american mags but these are the same as the american mag but have been printed here in the uk, well i love them. so much so that today i have been in my craft room playing with new and old stash and thought i would have a go at a few cards. This beauty on page 136 caught my eye and i thought i would have a go at making a few.The one that has MISS YOU in white writing is for a woman who is leaving where i work, i wanted to make a card and am trying to think up a little something to go with it, i have one idea in my head-just gotta get onto paper so to speak!!

Lush card by Mary MacAskill on page 136 of cards mag, below are my take on the card.

This is the card that will be given to the woman that is leaving my workplace next week. I really enjoyed sitting making these cards and realised i can still make them!!
Well i am off back to my craft room to see if i can get this idea of mine onto paper!?! so to speak as if i don't do it now i never will.
Hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend


  1. beautiful cards -just love the colour combo.

  2. Lovely cards Kath. It's a great mag isn't it. I will be using some ideas form tht very same mag after I have finished tidying up my craft room.

  3. Lovely cards. Isn't it wonderful when a mag or other idea acts as such a prolific springboard!

  4. lovely cards, really nice xx