Monday, 25 May 2009

It's one thing after another...............................

A close up of the frame, i managed to get the distressed look after painting it by literally kicking it around my garden, i have gravel in my garden so it didn't take long to achieve this affect.
The finished frame. love it, love it.

These are the cards i made for a friend that i work with that celebrated her fiftyieth birthday.

Well by that title i mean my health, which at the moment seems to be being affected by anything that is going, i now have an eye infection. Its red, bloodshot, sore and weeping, like all the time.It started on saturday after i had been out stash shoping ( not shopping again i hear you cry) yes- my new go-to-shop is Pickleberry Papercrafts. Anyway, eye is sore and i can't get to the dr until at least Tuesday or Wednesday, i really don't want to have to go to the walk in centre at the hospital, but if it gets worse that's where i'll be.....................................

Onto better things, whilst at Pickleberry i was hoping to ask Kate a few questions about how Jane Dean made her notice board, i had the same frame and was going to use it for another project but got swayed to the idea of Jane's frame, anyway i was just about to ask Kate and Jane walked into the shop, i didn't realise that Jane was in her studio. I went into Jane's studio-again- and asked her a few questions about the frame, what she used for the backing, how she fixed the brads through the wadding, how many layers of wadding she used, and Jane was so helpfull, even to the point of giving me some of the material she used in her frame- i had a different material but this is so perfect, and Jane also gave me a pot of the paint she used to paint the frame, so i was amazingly happy and can't thank Jane enough- thankyou Jane- i will email her a picture of said frame. So i came home and began painting, in between painting coats of paint i attached the wadding to the backing- i used cardboard and six layers of wadding. I then attached the braid into place, i only had 5 metres so i had to pace it out a bit more to make sure i had enough.i couldn't fix it into place with brads- this is where i could have given up on the project and walked away from it, but instead i had a cup of tea and left it for awile.I went back to it a bit later, and whilst sitting amongst the remnants of braid etc, i had an idea using buttons. I secured the button with embroidery thread and pushed it through to the back of the frame, then secured it with gaffa tape. I used loads of gaffa tape to secure the backing of this frame.

Well i love how the finished frame looks and now have got to just decide where to put it, in my craft room or kitchen, it will probably go in my craft room as i love it so much, thanks to Jane Dean for the inspiration, material and paint.

On another note i made a book for a friend- see post below- called she, here are a few pics, and she loved it, and phoned me after i had to leave it in her classroom, to say she loved it and it made her cry- in a good way, i love to make things for people and love it more so when they like or love what they receive.


  1. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that blue frame! It's absolutely stunning. Where did you get it from? I want!

  2. anne, the frame is from ikea and is originally black and costs £19.00 and i painted it with a pot of blue paint that Jane Dean gave me which she got from b & q for 97p. katharine

  3. It looks fab, and well done you for 'walking around the problem' instead of giving up...oh my what a great result - every time you look at it, you can be smug!!