Wednesday, 6 May 2009

skins and a transformation!!

Well thats what i found in my local poundland shop, where -yep you guessed it-everything is a pound!!!, these laptop skins. Now i have been perusing websites looking for skins for my laptop, but have always been a bit put off by the price- so when i saw these in the poundland i thought i will give it a go, well one pound each is ok to try and if they don't work or look good then off it comes. Also a while ago i bought this and it has been sat in a cupboard for an age, there were two in a set and only one pound.
It is a card like box- made out of thick cardboard and resembles a book. I thought about making a present for the woman i work with who is leaving , so i decorated it to match the card i made-see last post-we have a bit off a joke about a secret stash of chocolate at work, as she works in the main office and has a cupboard with chocolate, a few people know its there and if you have had a bit of a hard day you go and see margaret and she'll supply the chocolate- well i have made a small tag book to go inside the book and will put in a couple of bars of chocolate.

This is the book open, this is the smallest of the two.

This is the tag book i have nade to go inside the book.

This is the front cover of the book, i covered it in flocked paper then made it resemble a card i made.Hopefully she'll like it.

I have spent quite a lot of time in my craft room lately due to being inspired by other blogs and the scrappers on uks, and also due to me making more of an effort,its about making time for myself to enjoy doing the things i love to do. well on that note i'm off to look around the web and then into my craft room.


  1. looking good Kath, Margaret will love it:)
    I saw those skins in poundland, let me know what they are like and if they are easily removable:)

  2. wow, that is a great book, i might finally get mine finished.

  3. Your book cover is gorgeous (as is the tag book) am sure your friend will LOVE it :)

  4. I'm sure she'll love it! Great way to use that flocked paper too. Be interested to hear how those skins do!

  5. Lovely book and I am sure your friend will love it and the little tag book aswell as the chocolate.