Wednesday, 15 April 2009

a few photos of layouts.

Today i have cleaned, swept, mopped and dusted till i can dust no more. My house is clean-for now.iT took three hours to do all my house work and it will take about ten minutes to untidy it, but hey ho, never mind.At least i know its been cleaned today.I felt the need to have a spring clean and dust off those wintry cobwebs in time for spring,dont get me wrong i am no lover of the sun- light sensitive eyes + sun = ouch + headaches, but its still nice as it makes everything seem brighter.

So with a clean house i set to work in my craft room, i have made more cards for the birthday box project i am in the middle of for a friend, just to make the calendar pages now then decorate front of a5 file box. i will post pics when finished.

I have been out in my garden taking photos of some scrapbook layouts i did a while ago, they are using very old photos of myself and one of my brothers and one f my sisters. Its the first time i really tried anything like, cutting out elements from a page and also making my own embellishments which i gained inspiration from an artist on etsy--will post a link to her site.

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