Monday, 27 April 2009

don't you just love free photo editing sites!!!

This is my fave, so funny!!!

I couldn't resist putting myself on these pics, especially on good old DB- i hope posh won't mind!!!

and just what everyone needs in these times of the credit crunch.................. your own money!!

oooooooooohhhh so serious!!!
mirror mirror on the wall who's the seriousiest of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love this one.

loving this too!!!!

well i have had some fun on this past week, its a website that lets you upload your photos onto different pieces of art or photos. very fun, go see.It was great to do and i have printed them out to scrap, so that will be lots of fun.
I went back to work after the easter holidays last week and it was a hard week, it just shows what two weeks off work does . back to the hard grid!!!!!!........................and counting down the days to next half term lol.
Its NSD on may 1st and i am thinking of having a bit of a scrapbooking day, and to get lots done.
I am coveting the new fiskars punches, i have the threading water and new crest but have lots on my shopping list.
I am also looking for more of the go create dies as i am loving boo the bear, i have made a few cards with him on, i will show tomorrow.


  1. yey, you have comments enabled now:)
    I love these photo's especially the car one:)

  2. Blogs looking good-but maybe enlarge the font size-or maybe it's just my laptop. I love your LOs too.

  3. OMGd fun doing this lol !!! I actually put me on David beckam too ! lol !

  4. Brilliant photos and fun too... will have to investigate further!

  5. hee hee, that looks like good fun, how does it feel to be famous!!, on a bill board luv.

  6. Great pictures .... *Leaves drooling over Mr Beckham*

  7. Aha! Comments! So I will - I LOVE the art gallery photo best. Blog's looking cool gal!

  8. Hi I just love your photos,they look fun,I have never heard of this site will have to check it out.

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