Monday, 28 December 2009

oooooh presents!!!

Well christmas certainly came to our house this year. I got some lovely presents this year and am so gratefull for my gifts.We also got a new small printer, a canon selphy.We were so pleased, thanks to my boyfriends mum and dad and sister and brother in law, as they got it as a joint present.
I got these today with the money that i got from my link childs family, i look after a child from the school i work at after school.

These are the presents i got from my boyfriend, plus, not photographed the wii fit plus game.I consider myself to be very lucky to have received these lovely gifts.

These were the gifts that were in my stocking, yes..... we do stockings for each other, i love having a stocking and i also love buying gifts for his stocking, finding little presents to go in it. Can you tell that i love the wizard of oz.I got a W O Z cup, tin,money box and purse. I also got a pig pin cushion that i remember seeing months ago and remarking that i liked it.I love my red polka dot pencil case, with pencils to match.

Now this beauty is my present to myself as i had some money left over from a gift, and i saw this and fell in love with it, she is so adorable, i also luuuuurve robots, especially cute ones that will look cute sitting pretty on my chair in my craft room.I am thinking of calling her robbie.
I also received lots of twilight goodies from my friends that i havent taken pics of yet, i got a metal lunch tin with flask.....mmmmm my lunch is gonna look so cool when i go back to school next week, a new moon calander, 2 robert patterson calandars, keyring, magnet and the twilight book with the apple on the cover... mine is the film cover, that was from my son as he knew i wanted it to match my others...sad yes i know.
I also got some clothes and the usual smellies...gotta love dove. Scarf and gloves set. Oh and a lovely glass mirrored picture frame with the word memories in bling.
Well that's it


  1. WOW Kath, Santa was very good to you this year. Loads of great presents there. I love the robot and thought you had made it, but then read that you bought it. Where from? Loving the cute pig pin cushion as well. Great blog post. Niki xx

  2. Wow, you must have been a good girl this year, all those lovely gizmos, you are lucky.