Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Lion King

Well i have been an absent blogger, never mind lots of work related stuff going on and getting ready for a school christmas fayre. On to better things, such as the Lion King. We went to see this show in london on friday night and all i can say is oh my its amazing. It was my first time to see a live show in london, and i have been wanting to see this show for a very long time. I was not dissapointed, as it amazed me with its beautiful sets, dancers, singers, actors, puppets and puppeteers, truly spectacular. It was uplifting, sad, and happy throughout and truly had me in awe of it.Timon was so very good, funny and cheeky at the same time, very cleverly done.Timon is in the picture above, he is a meer kat ( i think ) . This is one show that i would love to see again, if i had the chance. My son loved the film when he was little and would watch the film over and over, and would be one of the ways to calm him down, so this has quite a lot of meaning to me, also its a great story and film too.

I did, at one point become a little emotional in the show, didn't quite shed a tear but could have done if i wasn't surrounded by about two thousand strangers!!! This show was the one show that my beloved mum would have loved to have seen, but sadly wasn't to be. That is another reason its special to me. I can also cross it off my list of 37 things to do while being 37. Seen a show in london.

The scenery was wonderfull, and throughout i kept thinking to myself, " how did they make that ?" or " you could make that with so and so ". I love to make things, arty, scrpbooking, cards, etc.

Well onto other things, i have started my december daily but havent taken any pics yet, will do tomorrow, its a little slow going what with work, but have now got to catch up till today.


  1. Wonderful description Katharine; sums it up for me too - although I did manage to cry..within seconds of the elephant swaying down the ailse - and those birds being slung around the air - wonderful uplifting stuff!

  2. I cried too and I would definitely go again!

  3. This is one I'd love to see. My sister saw it when it first went on stage but she sees nearly every show going. I must make it my mission to see this one... and phantom too - that's supposed to be excellent.