Monday, 11 January 2010

money, money, money..............................boxes.

I visited my local and new 99p shop and found these tin money boxes, they come in all different childrens tv characters, at the moment it's spongebob and high school musical. Well after wandering around with them in my hand, looking at them, thinking about how i could decorate them, i finally had an idea and so bought them. I do have a tendancy to choose an item in a shop, ( no matter what shop, it can be any, clothes, food, books etc,) and wander around said shop deliberating with myself if i really want said item, and i admit at times i have put said items back on the shelf. Well three of these babies came home with me. So here is the before.......................

and here is the after, this is my first attempt, photo taken in bad light so sorry. This is my tin for my weight watchers money. I have started my diet in ernest again and instead of going to a meeting i am doing it at home and will put £4.00 in it as if i am paying someone to weigh me. This is my plan to make me stick to my diet and i am very positve.It doesn't show it but on the front bottom is a sticker that says " you're changing right before my eyes".......which i thought was very apt. I then used my Martha Stewart butterfly punches to cut them out from some of the lush papers from the cosmo cricket nutmeg collection, also the sticker came from the pack too.I love how the butterflys go all the way round the tin. The base of the tin is covered in sticky back wood grain love for this con-TIN -ues......excuse pun. lol
The next tin has a story behind it and needs a little background, so here goes, every year i save for christmas by using Park hampers and i order vouchers to buy all my presents with. Over the years ( i have been doing this for eleven years ) it has been great. You get used to putting the money away and sending it to the agent, and when november comes around you get your vouchers, as if by magic you have all this money to spend and it sort of feels like someone has given you a lovely wad of money to spend. Anyway now my son is 17 and not so easy to buy for i am not getting the vouchers this year. But i still want to save, as i won't be doing christmas this year. So here is my christmas saving tin, i will put in the same amount i used to save for the vouchers.

Sorry blogger wouldn't let me turn pic, the really great thing with these money boxes is that they have no hole and stopper at the bottom. So to get your money out you have to use a tin opener. Now that's what i call a good money box. Well i hope you like the tins, and well done for getting this far, and i need to buy more of these as i have another plan to make some for a bunch og ladies who are saving for a trip to dublin to celebrate their 40th birthday.


  1. Love your make over money boxes, i saw these before Christmas, what a great idea.

    Take care

  2. What a great idea about saving the WW fees and spending them on yourself at the end. I lost 2 stone and have just realised I found all of them again!! So back on the wagon and might just make myself a jar and spend all the money on stash!!!!

  3. love the tins especially the one with the little house on and i like the fact that you cant get the money out! Great idea

  4. what a great idea. These are really lovely

  5. Excellent idea for the WW tin, why pay someone to weigh you when you can do it yourself and save money. I also love the fact that you can't sneakily take money out once it's in there! Must pop to the 99p shop and get myself one(or 2!)

  6. Great Idea, really very pretty.

  7. They look fab. I have a jar that for each pound loss, I put a £1 in the jar.....Hmmm, haven't added to it for a while....