Thursday, 29 October 2009

It's ok i am not dead!!!!!

Well i haven't been around in blogland for such a long time, i am ashamed to say, that life got in the way. As it does with everyone, and something had to give way for awhile. Well i am gladly back to blogging and service will resume..... hopefully.
Without going into too much detail i have not been well, and work commitments have taken prioity, supporting staff at the school i work at whilst going through a redundancy procedure which has affected everyone at the school.
Onto crafty things, i have a few things to keep me going at the moment, jyc soon to begin, a wedding album to make for a very good friend of mine....sssshh she doesn't know i'm making her an album, so don't tell anyone.
Christmas presents to make, yes i have overcome my fear of my sewing machine and we are making items together, its a team effort my part cutting out material in the shape of strawberries and swearing profusely when it all goes hideously wrong, machines part humming along at magnificent speed sewing away. End results and photos to follow, i need some jars from asda but every time i go in to get some they are sold out....gggggrrrrr.
I attended friends wedding last weekend and she looked amazing, i was asked to take photos as they couldn't afford a professional photographer, will post pics soon. It wasn't great weather but it did brighten up by the time we went outside to have a few pics taken

Well thanks for looking
and i won't leave it so long next time

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