Saturday, 31 October 2009

I love images from the web

Toffee apples, mmmmmmmmm don't you just love these.They look so tasty, love the colours.
If only i had the time or patience to do this, i love the black and white pumpkins. These would look so cool on my front doorstep.

Now these i adore, can't work out if they are real and been dyed, or made out of material, etc. Love them either way.

Now what about this for decorating for halloween, mmm not enough pumpkins me thinks.

Now i love where the wild things are, can't wait to see the film and so love this pumpkin.

Amazing outfits, can you imagine turning up to a fancy dress party looking like this, i would love it.
Well we went to my partners familys house for dinner tonight, ( can't believe i forgot the camera) so have made up for it by looking up some cool images on the web. I may even print some off to put in an album.
Well tomorrow is the 1st of november ( as you all know ) and i am amazed at how fast this year has gone. My christmas vouchers arrived yesterday ( we do a saving scheme throughout the year ) and so now have got to start thinking about buying presents. Now i love christmas, and everything about it, but since my mum and dad passed away i seem to dread the whole start of the season as its a reminder on another christmas that they are not here for. We have a very good time with my partners family, don't get me wrong but its not the same. The truth is i miss my parents, and christmas is hard there's no getting away from it, i suppose it comes down to how you handle it and cope with it.
Sorry about that just feeling a little low.