Friday, 30 October 2009

The happy couple

This is my friends Mary and Paul who became husband and wife last saturday, i was asked to take photos as their photographer pulled out at the last minute and left them with no photographer. I managed to get quite a few good shots, i have only put a couple on here as i dont want to spoil it for them.

This is my very good friend Mary and i think she looks stunning, and i really like this photo too.I am planning to make them a scrapbook album and also have ordered a book from Blurb, a website that you upload your photos to on a template of a book and they print it into a proffessional book, i have also just found out that boots do a similar thing too, but i had an email from blurb with 20% off and free shipping, now that's a bargain in my book, just got to wait and see what it turns out like. fingers crossed.
Well thanks for looking i will post about some crafty things next time


  1. I love those hand tied rose bouquets - should have had one for my wedding! Your gift ideas for your friend sound lovely.

  2. oh wow you friend looks so beautiful...well done on saving the day!!

  3. Good job - I would have been so nervous!

  4. Fab photos. I'm doing unofficial photography for my friends wedding next month, she asked me to do the whole thing but I'm not brave (or good) enough.
    Looks like you did a wonderful job, your friend will be forever grateful you were able to help them on their big day.